Construction Practice

Plans for the Construction Industry

Leavitt Group has been notably focused on serving the construction industry. Our broad experience includes risk management for general and subcontractors who focus on commercial, municipal, government, and public works projects. We have a deep understanding of the unique exposures faced and the coverages that various projects require. We have a current understanding of the industry and the associated markets and trends - including a strong relationship with the key insurance companies who provide coverage to the construction industry.

Our staff provides accurate and timely delivery of certificates of insurance. We also provide assistance and reviews of certificates and risk transfers. With our understanding of the design and administration of wrap-ups, we can help contractors navigate the construction defect litigation landscape. Our tailored risk management solutions enable contractors to respond to market fluctuations and better predict future costs.

Contract and Lease Review

We review the indemnification and insurance language in existing leases and contracts, including the scope of indemnification and hold-harmless language, requirements for waivers of subrogation on property, liability, and workers compensation, and appropriateness of insurance requirements.

Surety / Bond Services

Our surety department works with clients to develop customized bond programs that fit each client's unique needs. Surety companies are reviewed and evaluated for consistency in underwriting, capacity, ratings, stability, and rate economy. Clients are effectively represented to surety markets with assistance in bond request presentation, review of bond requests for appropriateness, and prompt, correct bond issuance.